Our mission is simple – to help you grow your management skills through learning, sharing and growing!

The Veterinary Management Group exists to provide individuals who are involved in the management of veterinary practice with an effective means of communication and interaction with others with similar interests, as well as a forum for promoting, providing and recognising training and excellence in all aspects of veterinary practice management. With an active national and regional structure, the VMG is also able to give its members a voice with which to lobby at all levels.






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The VMG is open to everyone working in veterinary practice management, whether their background is as a practice manager, a veterinary surgeon, a veterinary nurse or a member of the non clinical/support team, as well as to those coming into practice management from outside the veterinary sector. No matter whether you are completely new to practice management or to management within the veterinary sphere or consider yourself an old hand, the VMG has plenty to offer you and will welcome your input into its support, education and networking opportunities.

In the madness of Monday you might have missed that vets are now officially back on the Shortage Occupation List! Great to see this set in stone after a long campaign - it's a big win for #teamvet and #animalwelfare & will help safeguard against shortages https://t.co/6Vzxy6hEES

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