Company Partnership Request Form

Please complete the below form to submit a request to join The VMG as a Company Partner.

  • Company Information

  • Industry Reference 1 Contact Details

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Terms & Conditions of application

  1. Application process: Completion of Company Partnership application form to include two industry references, preferably at least one VMG Board Member reference.
  2. You will receive probationary Company Partnership for maximum two months from the date of application during which time you will receive monthly e-newsletters and weekly e-updates on news and events on news and events but no other membership benefits.
  3. VMG Office will take up industry references and circulate these references, without any personal data, to VMG Board members with the next available monthly list.
  4. VMG Board will have two weeks to register any concerns over a VMG Company Partner applicant from the date of list circulation.
  5. If no concerns are raised, you are accepted as of two weeks after circulation of the list containing your application and references. You will be notified by letter and your Company Partnership dated from the date of this letter. All member benefits for the category are then invoked.
  6. If concerns are raised, you will be informed by email that the concerns will be discussed at the next full VMG Board meeting after which a decision will be made. If accepted, Step 5 may then be followed. If not accepted you will be notified by email and subscription returned in full.

You are fully permitted to withdraw your application at any time during this process.