Course Admin role – Stage 2

Congratulations on reaching this stage!  Over 100 people applied for this role, with many really good applications, so after an initial sift we are including this second filter stage to help us decide who to call for interview.

There are four short tasks below, reflecting examples of the job in action.  Please complete each task as per the instructions, and submit your responses (in whichever format you prefer) to, with the subject line “Course Admin Role – {Your Name}”.  The deadline for this stage is Friday 12th May.

Task 1

Listen to this voicemail message that has been left for you from incoming caller 01209 295295.  Normal procedure for voicemails that require someone else’s input is to send an Action Request to the person who needs to take action (in this case, return a phone call).  Action Requests are limited to 300 characters, so you will need to be selective about what you include in the request.

Write an Action Request to send to the caller’s tutor.

Task 2

We are planning on running in-person CPD workshops in the second half of 2023.  The team have decided that running the workshop in four different regions around the UK would be best, and are going to ask you to start planning the logistics.

Produce a checklist of the information you would need in order to start researching potential venues.

Task 3

Below is the most recent module pass data for a cohort of students.  The first tab gives student details, the second tab shows which modules they have attempted/completed to date.  In order to pass the Certificate, a student must have successfully completed the two compulsory modules A1 and C1, plus two further modules of their choice.

For a Distinction grade, at least three modules must be graded Distinction OR two modules at Distinction plus two modules at Merit.

For a Merit grade, at least two modules must be graded Merit OR two modules at Distinction plus two modules at Pass.

Review the data and produce a list of student names who have completed their Certificate and at what grade (Pass, Merit or Distinction).

Task 4

The Course Director has issued you the following tasks this week.  Review the list and set your priorities for the week.  (Please note that there is not necessarily a single correct answer for this task, we are just interested to see how you plan your work).

  • Return a call from a Veterinary Nurse interested in signing up for the CVLM
  • Send a pass list to our PR company to produce a press release
  • Post a message on our learning platform informing students of one tutor’s unavailability this month
  • Register a new student and send a welcome email
  • Update our website with new course dates for September
  • Research sponsorship opportunities for a new CPD event
  • Set up a Doodle poll for next month’s workshop dates
  • Chase up a tutor who is late submitting their marking forms
  • Plan a social media campaign to promote a new Practice Finance course starting in September
  • Research options for a print media campaign to promote the Practice Finance course
  • Chase up a practice who has not yet paid an invoice for course fees
  • Write up minutes and an actions list from last week’s tutor meeting
  • Reply to an email from a prospective student concerned about funding their studies
  • Draft a job advert for a new Tutor and send to the CD for approval
  • Post a ‘congratulations’ message on social media for our latest graduates
  • Collate completion data into a report for next month’s board meeting
  • Set up a Teams meeting with a practice who want to send a group of participants onto the CVLM

List the tasks in order of priority, and add a note to each explaining its position on your list.