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VMG Project Management in the Veterinary Workplace

5th December 2022 and 10th January 2023

Running projects is an essential skill for any veterinary manager.  This course will introduce you to the principles and practice of project management, to enable you to manage projects of any scale effectively and efficiently in your workplace.

On completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Plan a project, with appropriate stakeholder input
  • Implement a project plan
  • Use a range of project management tools and techniques with confidence
  • Set and monitor targets and outcomes
  • Critically evaluate your own ability to manage a project at work

The course consists of preparatory work, a live interactive workshop, self-directed online learning, and real-world coursework exercises to bring your new knowledge and skills to life.  On completion, you will receive a CPD certificate verifying 25 hours of CPD.

Next intakes start: 5th December 2022; 10th January 2023

Cost: £120+VAT Members, £150+VAT Non-Members

Register for the course here: VMG Project Management Module

Standalone Module
25 hours
£120 – £150+VAT

How do I… Develop my team for future leadership?

Tuesday 6th December 2022 at 8pm

Speaker: Richard Casey, Head of Clinical Development, Blue Cross/Senior Vice President, VMG

The need for leadership development has never been more urgent.  Veterinary practices and businesses of all shapes and sizes are realising that to survive in today’s brittle, anxious, complex, and perplexing business world, they need leadership skills and organisational capabilities different from those that helped them succeed in the past.  But let’s be honest – how good was leadership training in the days gone by either?

Brilliant leadership can be the difference between outstanding organisational performance and disappointing failure.  Great leaders steer organisations to success, inspire and motivate followers, and provide a moral compass for employees to set direction. They spearhead change, drive innovation, and communicate a compelling vision for the future.  But are leaders born or made?  It’s a question that underpins one of the longest-running debates in leadership development, whether it is possible to teach someone to be a great leader or not.

In this session we will explore some of the traditional leadership skills that are still as relevant today as they were in years gone by.  We’ll move onto understanding the knowledge, skills, and behaviours that have become essential for success today, before concluding our journey by mapping learning methods to the appropriate learning need, and preferred style of the learner.

By the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the knowledge, skills and behaviours exhibited by excellent veterinary leaders
  • Identify their own strengths and weaknesses against the VMG’s Leadership Standards Framework and how this may be used for assessing a team’s current abilities
  • Describe a talent development plan which covers all forms of leadership – both traditional line management and the new trend for sharing leadership responsibility across the whole team.

Our monthly webinar series is free for all VMG Members.  If you are a Member and have not yet activated your free registration for The Webinar Vet, click here for all the info you need.

Monthly Webinar Series
One hour
Free to VMG Members

2022 Webinar series: ‘How do I… ‘

January – How do I… Create a Disaster Plan for My Practice
Speaker: Hannah Perrin, VMG Learning & Development Manager & Course Director

February – How do I… Set Effective Fees for Veterinary Practices
Speaker: Karen Felsted, Veterinary Economist, PantheraT

March – How do I… Define and Refine My Values, Vision and Mission
Speaker: Chris White, Project Manager, Vets4Pets and VMG Director

April – How do I… Develop and Use Client Surveys for Positive Change
Speaker: Orla Dempsey, The Entrepreneurs Circle

May – How do I… Boost My Team’s Morale During Tough Times
Speaker: Nicole Clausen, Founder of Veterinary Care Logistics

June – How do I… Create a High Performing and Accountable Team
Speaker: Phil Budd, Founder of ActionCoach

July – How do I… Turn my practice passion into profit?
Speaker: Gillian Page, Veterinary Consultant and VMG Past President

August – How do I… Use practice data to make more confident decisions?
Speaker: Karen Felsted, PantheraT Consulting

September – How do I… Empower my reception team as part of a holistic PR plan?
Speaker: Angela Mantzios is the Head of Group Operations and Development for VMG.

October – How do I… Motivate and empower my team during tough times?
Speaker: Jo Keeler, Managing Partner, Belbin

November – How do I…A marketing plan fit for 2023?
Speaker: Justin Phillips, Founder of Practice Made Purrfect