VMG/ILM Level 5 Qualifications: AVLM, CVLM & DVLM

Welcome to the VMG/ILM Level 5 Award, Certificate and Diploma in Veterinary Leadership & Management!

These qualifications have been created by VMG with the aim of enabling you to progress your leadership and management knowledge and skills, whatever your role.  Whether you are a practice manager, a head nurse, a clinical director, a marketing lead, a regional support manager – or are currently aspiring to these types of roles – you are able to build a qualification that suits your needs.  During your course you will be introduced to new concepts and encouraged to apply them to your area of work.  You will be encouraged to dig into the areas that are of particular interest and value to you, guided and supported by your tutor.

ILM Accreditation and VMG expertise: The best of both worlds

VMG is the only veterinary association in the world accredited to award ILM qualifications in our own right.  We have been through an extremely rigorous accreditation and inspection process to ensure that our courses meet national standards for leadership and management training.

Our Award, Certificate and Diploma are ILM accredited at Level 5, meaning that our graduates will be dual-qualified with both an ILM qualification and their veterinary-specific VMG one.  This gives you the best of both worlds: a highly relevant, tailor-made qualification for your role in the veterinary sector, plus a globally-recognised leadership and management qualification should you decide to diversify.

We’d be thrilled to have you join the programme and look forward to working with you.

Meet the Team

We have a fantastic education team at VMG who develop and deliver our courses, and support all our learners as they work through their qualifications.

Clive Elwood

Cath Grimsey

Mike Kitchen

Caroline Pearson

Ruth Peet

Hannah Perrin

Modular Structure

The Award is a self-contained qualification consisting of one compulsory module: Understanding Yourself as a Leader.

The Certificate consists of the Award, plus one further compulsory module (Understanding Your Organisation) and your choice of any two further modules from the C list (making four modules in total).  You may be able to take a D module towards a Certificate, depending on which options you choose – please contact the Office if this is something you are considering.

The Diploma consists of the Certificate, plus your choice of any three further modules from the C or D lists (making seven taught modules in total), plus module E1, a ‘capstone’ work-based project which brings all your learning together.

The modules available for 2023-24 are:
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Current Holders

CVPM Holders (Awarded 1995 – 2020)