History of the VMG

The VMG is ever evolving to bring you the best management tools and resources. Take a look at the video below for some extra information on our beginnings and where we’re heading!

Late 1980's

Interest gathers in creating a group for veterinary managers

The Veterinary Management Group has its roots in the late 1980s with the recognition that the old owner-practitioner models of veterinary practice were becoming outdated and more practices were employing dedicated management.


Founding of the Veterinary Practice Management Association

In the US, the founding of the Veterinary Hospital Managers Association provided additional impetus for a UK group to form, and the Veterinary Practice Management Association was born.


First VPMA meeting held at BVA Congress in Edinburgh

The first meeting was held at the 1993 BVA Congress (22 September). Regular meetings were swiftly established, along with a CPD programme and annual conference. Guided by a succession of highly motivated Presidents and Councils, membership grew, and developed a strong regional network in order to share experiences, resources, and the occasional cuppa.


Launch of the Certificate in Veterinary Practice Management

The Certificate in Veterinary Practice Management was launched in 1996, offering an industry-standard qualification with the aim of recognising and rewarding excellence in practice management. To date, 84 people have achieved the Certificate.


Launch of the Veterinary Practice Administration Certificate

In 2001 we launched a second award, the Veterinary Practice Administration Certificate, to provide practice staff with training in all the administrative functions required for the smooth running of any veterinary practice. The VPAC is now administered by the Lynwood School of Veterinary Nursing, with over 400 holders.


VPMA becomes an Affiliate Association of the BVA

Another milestone was reached in 2008 when the VPMA was welcomed as an Affiliate Association by the British Veterinary Association


Rebranding of VPMA to the Veterinary Management Group (VMG)

Membership continued to grow and diversify; and this was recognised in 2017 with the rebranding of the organisation from the VPMA to the Veterinary Management Group (VMG).


Launch of the VMG Research Awards

April 2021

Launch of VMG’s new qualifications

VMG becomes the first veterinary association in the world to become an ILM Approved Centre. We launch the VMG/ILM Level 5 Award, Certificate and Diploma in Veterinary Leadership & Management

September 2021

First AVLM awards

The first VMG/ILM Level 5 Awards in Veterinary Leadership & Management are awarded.

June 2022

50th AVLM awarded

We award our 50th AVLM – the VMG ILM Level 5 Award in Veterinary Leadership & Management

October 2023

First Awardee of VMG Level 5 Diploma in Veterinary Leadership and Management

We award our 1st Level 5 Diploma in Veterinary Leadership and Management (DVLM) from the Veterinary Management Group


The 21st Century Veterinary Leader

Today the VMG represents over 400 members from all areas of the veterinary sector and emphasises support at all levels – from those with clinical leadership roles; HR, finance or marketing managers; industry leaders; academics; and plenty who are classic multi-skilled ‘Practice Managers’.