VMG Veterinary Leadership Standards Framework

Exceptional leadership is key to the long-term sustainability of the veterinary industry. As we face the challenge of guiding our teams into the new normal, the need for excellent leadership has never been more vital.

It is easy for veterinary practices and organisations to prioritise clinical skills over business skills, meaning that many people working in the veterinary sector describe their move into leadership as a struggle, with little support designed specifically to help them make a successful transition.

As the UK’s professional association for everyone in veterinary leadership and management, the VMG works to transform leadership in the profession by providing inspiration, guidance, training and practical resources to enable leaders and managers to develop the skills they need to succeed, both personally and professionally.  We also provide a friendly forum where our members can embody our motto of “Learn, Share, Grow”.

Leaders aren’t born.  They have to learn to lead, just as they learn all the other skills they need to be effective, whatever their role may be.  Our Leadership Standards Framework provides a scaffold on which to build the 21st century leaders our profession deserves.

Richard Casey, VMG President

The 2024 State of Veterinary Leadership in the UK Report is now available for download.  The Report is an evidence-based summary of the three domains required for effective leadership: Professional Values, Behaviours and Practices, and Knowledge and Skills.  Download your copy below:

The VMG Veterinary Leadership Standards Framework:
  1. Supports the initial and continuing professional development of all those working in, or aspiring to, leadership roles in the veterinary sector
  2. Demonstrates to the veterinary sector, clients, and other stakeholders the benefits that excellent leadership and management bring to the provision of veterinary services
  3. Fosters dynamic approaches to veterinary leadership and management through creativity, innovation and continuous development in diverse veterinary practice, business, and/or organisational settings
  4. Facilitates individuals and organisations in striving towards, and gaining formal recognition for, excellence in leadership and management
  5. Acknowledges the variety of roles, styles and approaches contributing to excellent 21st century veterinary leadership and management.