What does it mean to be a VMG member?

Joining the VMG means you become part of a large, interconnected community of professionals. Together, we are the voice of veterinary business, management and leadership; and we support each other in achieving goals for ourselves, our colleagues, and our businesses.

All VMG members agree to abide by our Code of Ethics:

To maintain and promote the profession of veterinary practice management; and seek every possible opportunity to enhance my personal experience, skill and expertise in the profession of veterinary practice management.

To seek and maintain an equitable, professional and co-operative relationship with fellow members of the Veterinary Management Group and with my colleagues in my business and professional life.

To fulfil my obligations and responsibilities to the best of my ability to enable my employer and colleagues to deliver the highest possible standards of service to our clients and their animals within the guidelines set down in the current RCVS Codes of Professional Conduct.

To pursue my profession in veterinary management with honesty, integrity and industry, placing the emphasis of my efforts on the highest possible standards of service to my employer(s).

To ensure the confidentiality of any information relating to the business or personal affairs of my employer(s) and the clinical or other details of their clients and patients, except as may be required or compelled by appropriate law or other regulation.

To protect any of my employer’s property under my control and acknowledge that all information gathered, maintained or produced within the practice is the exclusive property of the practice owner(s) and will not be reproduced, shared or distributed outside the practice without the consent of the practice owner(s).