NEW VMG Livestream CPD – Finding the magic within us all

NEW VMG Livestream CPD – Microbursts of Learning

Join us on all our social media on the last Wednesday of each month for a focussed 30-minute lunchtime CPD livestream featuring new ideas to inspire you and your team to learn, share and grow.  All welcome!

We launch the series with our new company partner, MEEE Global and their founder, Sid Madge.

Finding the magic that is within us all.

Life is challenging, of that there is no doubt. But with the right thinking and some yummy tools we can all be better at adapting, responding and using change to great effect. None of us are born unhappy. We are wonderfully adaptable, creative and social beings. Sometimes, we just need a little shift in perspective to fall back in love with our own magic, and the magic of others.

Join Sid Madge for an inspiring, uplifting and fun 30-minute microburst on leading and developing yourself, your colleagues, your clients and your practice through the challenges of change. It’ll give you a wonderful values-based approach to leading us happily through our personal and professional lives.

Join us LIVE on Wed 25 January 2023 – 1:00 – 1:30 PM on your fave social channel:
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