Office Admin role – Stage 2

Congratulations on reaching this stage!  Over 100 people applied for this role, with many really good applications, so after an initial sift we are including this second filter stage to help us decide who to call for interview.

There are four short tasks below, reflecting examples of the job in action.  Please complete each task as per the instructions, and submit your responses (in whichever format you prefer) to, with the subject line “Office Role – {Your Name}”.  The deadline for this stage is Monday 17th August.

Task 1

Listen to this short clip from a meeting held on 4th August between VMG President Richard Casey and Group Development Manager Hannah Perrin.  They discuss a report they are both working on for an upcoming Board meeting, and entries for this year’s Certificate in Veterinary Practice Management (CVPM).  They refer to the “C&T Committee” which is the VMG’s Certification and Training Committee who oversee the CVPM.  “George, Gillian and Miles” are VMG Officers.  The “pre-read” is the pack of documents sent to the Board in advance of meetings.

Minute this section of meeting and produce a list of actions required.

Task 2

Our CVPM exam is held every November.  There are different parts to the exam, and each is assessed by a pair of examiners on the day.  Information about each section is available here.  The examiners are supported by an administrator who greets the candidates and generally ensures that the day runs smoothly.

Produce a checklist of what the administrator would need to take with them and/or check is available on exam day.

Task 3

Below is the profit & loss statement for The Ambridge Society, a small membership organisation.

Calculate, for 2019: (a) The EBITDA, (b) The % change in profits, (c) Direct costs as % of turnover, and (d) Staff costs as % of turnover.

Task 4

We have a long-standing member whose membership renewal is overdue.  She’s had two email reminders prior to the renewal date, and now her membership is due to lapse.

Outline what you would do to encourage her to renew her membership.