Our Regions

Cheshire/Derbyshire - Kate Mincher
Chiltern Hills - Jerry Crick
Cornwall/Devon - Renay Rickard
East Anglia - Tamsin Swain
East Midlands - Cath Grimsey
Essex - Liz La-Page
Kent - Siobhan Park
North East - Claire Bake
North West - Janie Clare
Scotland North East - Michelle Murphy & Stephanie Simpson
Scotland North West - VACANCY!
Scotland South - Liz Somerville
South West - Gemma Sterry
Sussex & South-East - Liz Panter
Wales North - Sarah Lewis & Neil Symonds
Wales South - Linda Mogford
West Midlands - Rebekka Fiorani
Yorkshire - Kate Mincher
Cheshire/Derbyshire - Kate Mincher

Cheshire-Derbyshire Region

We are delighted to welcome experienced RO Kate Mincher to Cheshire-Derbyshire region. Kate held Regional Meetings during 2016 for the Manchester area and, after moving, offered to cover the Cheshire-Derbyshire region which she picked up in early 2017. Yet another career move has meant that she will now also organises Yorkshire region, busy lady!

Kate’s first Cheshire-Derbyshire regional meeting of 2018 was held in Stockport on Monday 26th February 2018; part of the regional roadshow 1! Feedback included a full set of five stars for her speaker!

Register to join Kate at her next meeting very soon!

Kate Mincher | Regional Organiser

I have worked in Veterinary Practice since 1981, qualifying as a veterinary Nurse in 1984 & gained a lot of experience over the years from working in different companion animal practices around the country.

I became practice manager for Grove Veterinary Centre in the Peak District in 2007, during which time I became a member of the Vet Dynamics Platinum Practice group where I gained valuable management skills whilst enjoying sharing the challenges of managing a veterinary practice with other like-minded managers until Grove was sold to Medivet in December 2016. I was awarded the Vet Dynamics Practice Manager of the year 2014.

I was promoted to the Peak District, South & West Yorkshire Area Manager for Medivet in May 2017. I find this role very rewarding & challenging!

With my role as Reginal Organiser for VMG I hope to make a lot of new friends as well as providing a forum to learn and offer support to each other in the region.

At home I have a son, Jake who was born in 2000 and 3 Cats – Jack, Jill & Kitkit Cat

Chiltern Hills - Jerry Crick

Chiltern Hills Region

The VMG Chiltern Hills region was newly formed in 2017. Whilst officially covering the counties of Bedfordshire, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire, Chiltern Hills will welcome VMG members and members-to-be regardless of location!

Jerry will be hosting meetings from the VMG Regional Roadshows during 2018 and the first, very successful gathering took place on 24th April 2018 in High Wycombe. Jerry is planning at different type of meeting for his next date in his dynamic region, details to be announced!

Jerry Crick | Regional Organiser

I am a partner in Brainy Software LLP which develops veterinary focused software solutions with the goal of generating more profit for your business. I specialise in IT management, business management, software systems design and development. As a business leader and professional manager much of my time is spent coaching senior staff and helping with all manner of business ‘chores’ to deliver a working environment fit for staff, clients and their pets.

Cornwall/Devon - Renay Rickard

Cornwall/Devon Region

Cornwall and Devon is a well established and welcoming region. They usually hold their meetings at the Cricket Club at Axminster, Devon!  Renay hosted a very well attended Regional Meeting at Axminster on Tuesday 27th February 2018 where the topic was compliance of the new GDPR Regulations. Next up was Practice Performance by the experts at VetLed on Wednesday 23rd May 2018, also at Kilmington. A small group enjoyed a fascinating and personalised session where attendees learned to recognise what good performance looks like, and the warning signs that colleagues are not coping with the pressures of the industry.

Register to join Renay and newly recruited Gemma at their next meeting very soon!

Renay Rickard | Regional Organiser

I am the director of a 13 vet mixed practice in mid Cornwall. I also work for Duchy College in Cornwall as part of the Veterinary Nursing team as a course moderator and clinical coach trainer. I co-organise meetings with my fellow RO from South West, formerly Suzanne Headington, and now Gemma Sterry! We often combine our meetings to widen the range of colleagues that we can meet! As well as being Regional Organiser for the Cornwall/Devon region l am a VMG Past President and was responsible for guiding the organisation through its transformation from VPMA to VMG in 2018. I know there are exciting times ahead!

East Anglia - Tamsin Swain

East Anglia Region

East Anglia region was established in 2014. Tamsin Swain picked up the reins in 2016 and she holds regular meetings across this very large territory including Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and parts of Hertfordshire.

Tamsin ran a meeting within the VMG Regional Roadshow on GDPR regulations and credit control on 15th February 2018 and will host another regional meeting late summer/autumn 2018!

Review of the Roadshow 1 meeting with Mike Brooks on Debt Control and GDPR implications

 A very animated meeting was held by the VMG East Anglian region on Thursday 16th February  2018at the Active Business Centre in Bury St Edmunds.  Mike was an extremely knowledgeable and approachable speaker who could relate directly to the veterinary management setting – providing countless examples and suggestions that all found extremely useful.  The advice offered regarding the new data protection regulations was welcomed but daunting; many quizzical and terrified glances between delegates were exchanged with eyebrows well exercised!

As this was only a relatively small group with confidentiality assured all delegates were happy to share suggestions, experience and concerns which provided an excellent support framework to all; with requests for a review being put forward so that mutual support could be provided, particularly for those in independent practice who were the majority represented and may not benefit from group /corporate support.

Feedback at the time was good and all questions were answered with all attendees being thoroughly involved in the meeting and appreciative of the learning and networking opportunity.

Register to join Tamsin at her next meetingto be announced very soon!

Tamsin Swain RVN | Regional Organiser

After qualifying as a Veterinary Nurse I continued in Small Animal practice becoming an Assessor, RCVS Practical Examiner and completing the Certificate in Small Animal Nutrition during this time. Using my acquired skills I stepped in to teach on the Veterinary Nurse Diploma and degree courses followed several years later by a move into area management. I joined Berry House an established Small Animal practice in Hitchin, Hertfordshire at the beginning of 2016 as Practice Manager.

I have an interest in the health and welfare of Flatcoated Retrievers sharing my house with two and a rescued cat. In my spare time I enjoy rallies with my vintage tractor, camping trips with friends and spending time with my two grown up sons.

I am looking forward to providing quality support, development and networking opportunities for my fellow Practice Managers in the East Anglia area.

East Midlands - Cath Grimsey

East Midlands Region

The VMG East Midlands region is a Brand new region this year! Covering the counties of Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire and Northamptonshire in the main, East Midlands will welcome all comers and the meetings are easily reached by train and plane!

Cath has already hosted a GDPR lecture in this region during 2018 as part of the first regional roadshow, register to join her at her next meeting to be announced very soon..

Cath Grimsey | Regional Organiser

My name is Cath Grimsey and l am delighted to be Regional Organiser for East Midlands! I have spent most of my career as a Veterinary Practice Manager, firstly in equine practice in Shropshire, and more lately in Small Animal practice in Cambridgeshire. I come from a business, rather than a clinical background, and first joined the VPMA as a young and eager PM in 1995! I applied to join the (now VMG) Board in 2014 and have sat on that body as Finance Director until January 2019.

I have previously been Regional Organiser in East Anglia and hope to bring all of the enthusiasm and goodwill that l experienced in that region with me to East Midlands. Following a relocation l now live in Lincolnshire and work part-time for VMG too! I think that if you cut me in half l might read ‘Veterinary Management Group’ through the middle just like a stick of rock! Please do come and join our meetings in East Midlands, they will be regular and active! See Regions page for more detail.

Essex - Liz La-Page

Essex Region

Liz La Page has held annual meetings in Essex since 2014. Liz attracts good attendance at her meetings, and we hope other veterinary business managers in her area will support her at future meetings.

Liz held one of the Sage Workshops back in July 2017, and held a Regional Meeting on the 7th November 2017 with guest speaker Gerry Harkins of Premier Vet Alliance talking about “How to run a successful preventative healthcare plan”.

Liz has already kicked 2018 off in style with the very first meeting of the current Regional Roadshow with Mike Brooks of DSL (uk) on 6th February 2018. Liz said of her meeting “Really useful, positive, helpful evening. I think everybody appreciated the presentation, Mike’s willingness to answer questions and the chance for us all to chat about practice life!!”

Liz will announce her next 2018 meeting in the near future!

Liz La-Page | Regional Organiser

Liz has extensive experience in managing veterinary clinics, a role she thoroughly enjoys. Married with 5 children, she recently moved to a new practice in Essex from Kent, and before that from a busy charity practice in London. Liz lives in the Essex area and is keen to provide an opportunity there for Practice Managers to get to know each other and support one another.

Liz’s house is bursting with animals; everything from a crazy rescue dog who is almost blind and an entire little family of rescued cats she just couldn’t leave behind in her last practice, to tiny Russian hamsters and her son’s more exotic geckos. Liz is part of a lively church family near to where she lives and in her spare time she is a keen horse rider and mountain biker but also enjoys more leisurely family walks in the countryside – and meals in country pubs!

Kent - Siobhan Park

Kent Region

Siobhan is excited about running her first Kent region meetings in 2018! She already hosted her first meeting of 2018 on Thursday 26th April 2018. As the photo shows, this meeting was well received in the region. On Thursday 17th May 2018 Siobhan then hosted Practice Performance and Culture PLUS Client Retention during Pet Loss by the experts at VetLed and Blue Cross in Maidstone. Following this meeting Siobhan gave the following assessment:

“VMG Kent Regional Roadshow No2 in Maidstone Kent with Lisanne from Blue Cross & Dan from VetLed- covering Client Retention in Pet Loss & Practice Performance -such inspirational speakers! Delegates were treated to an afternoon packed with information, group activities and advice, followed by Q&As – we just didn’t want it to stop! Fantastic!!” The photos show what a super meeting it was!

Siobhan’s region is really gathering momentum and she is already planning another year of activity in 2019 so keep a look out!

Siobhan Park | Regional Organiser

I am Practice Manager at Newnham Court Veterinary Hospital in Maidstone, Kent. Having come from a Teaching background I am happy to now be pursuing my career within the veterinary business. With 19 years plus experience teaching, supporting and inspiring future generations; I am enthused by the role of Practice Manager.

Animals have always been important to me throughout my life; I even weaved a role as a Pets As Therapy Dog, for my Black Lab ‘Bella’ into my teaching role, and I have recently become very interested in the work and research of Medical Detection Dogs. I am also lucky enough to have 2 cats, a Jack Russell and to have shared 16 wonderful years with my late horse Hannah- who sadly I had to say a sad farewell to in April 2016! I now spend as much time as I can enjoying the countryside walking with my dogs!

I owe my interest in VMG to Rita Dingwall former 2 x President of VPMA. I was lucky enough to have worked with her in my role as Business Development Manager at Milbourn Equine. She instilled in me the important role VPMA, now VMG, plays in the development of, not only self growth but that of your team and the business. With this in mind, it is my hope that in the role of Regional Organiser, I will help to continue to spread the word & promote VMG; engaging with members, networking and supporting them in their roles.

North East - Claire Bake

North East Region

Claire held very successful meetings in Bradbury during 2015 /2016 and 2017 and we are delighted that she is continuing into 2018 to support people with management responsibilities in veterinary practice in the North East. Claire held her first regional meeting at Newton Aycliffe on 13th February 2018. Her next meeting is in the planning stages so watch this space!

Claire Bake | Regional Organiser

I have been Human Resources Manager at the Wilson Veterinary Group in County Durham since July 2006. Having previously worked for WM Morrison Supermarkets for 9 years, I graduated from Sheffield University in 2002 with a BSc in Physics. Knowing that Physics was not the career for me, I went on to complete the Morrisons Graduate Trainee Scheme, specialising in Personnel. I recently completed my MA in Human Resource Management at Teesside University and am working towards Chartered Membership of the CIPD.

Outside of work I am very active in the Scout Association, as a Beaver Scout Leader for my local group and with District, County and National roles as well.

North West - Janie Clare

North West Region

Janie Clare heads up a very active region, and ran her first successful meeting of 2018 on Thursday 28th February 2018 where the new EU GDPR regulations were the topic of conversation.

Next up Janie welcomed the Blue Cross PBSS to discuss Client Retention during Pet Loss and Caroline Pearson of Progressive Vet Consulting to talk about Preparing for Recruitment. This fantastic double header took place in St Helens on Thursday 22nd November 2018 and delegate feedback scored nothing lower than 4 out of 5 on all counts!

Janie Clare | Regional Co-organiser

Janie trained and qualified as a Nurse at a busy mixed practice in Cheshire. She has been the practice manager of Rutland House veterinary hospital & referral centre for the past 11years. Managing all 10 branches including the hospital and referral centre keeps her out of mischief!

In her spare time she has 2 grown up children & 2 border terriers at home, is a huge vintage VW camper van fan, proudly owning 2 and also runs, alongside her hubby ,a disability athletics club as she is also a shot, discus and javelin coach.

Scotland North East - Michelle Murphy & Stephanie Simpson

Scotland North East Region

Michelle Murphy | Regional Co-organiser
Stephanie Simpson | Regional Co-organiser

Scotland North-East joined the VMG Regional stable in 2017 and is headed up by Stephanie Simpson and Michelle Murphy. A vast territory, it is likely that Scotland North-East will team up with other Scottish regions to bring Roadshows and other networking opportunities to the north of the country.

Their first meeting of 2018 will took place on 17th April 2018 at Jury’s Inn near Aberdeen airport. Stephanie and Michelle worked very hard to bring the final Credit Control and GDPR regulations Roadshow and the very first Practice Performance and Culture Roadshow 2 to Scotland on the same day!!  The meeting was a huge success with one delegate travelling over 400 miles to catch the lectures!

Stephanie and Michelle have already built upon this success,  to bringing more non-clinical CPD to Scotland! On Thursday 13th September 2018 2-5pm they welcomed the Blue Cross to talk about Client Retention during Pet Loss, a situation that we all have to handle so often in practice.  Michelle said:

‘An interesting and informative talk from Lisanne at Blue Cross Pet Bereavement Support Service.  Pet loss is something we all play a role in whether 1st opinion, referral or emergency out of hours cover. Lisanne talked us through the grief and bereavement process and allowed us to share our own experiences with the group. I left the meeting feeling more confident at handling a variety of scenarios and in a better position to offer support to our clients.’

Please support Stephanie and Michelle in Scotland during 2019!

Scotland North West - VACANCY!

Scotland North West Region – VACANCY!

If you would like to join the ‘RO Army’ please email office@vetmg.com and let us know!

Scotland South - Liz Somerville

Scotland South Region

Liz Somerville

Liz Somerville BSc (Hons) PgCert (VBM)

Liz is one of the founding Directors at Loch Leven Equine Practice and her role as Practice Manager and Managing Director is to oversee the running of the business and focus on the long-term strategy of the practice.

Liz is passionate about practice management in the veterinary industry and has a particular interest in the wellbeing of all of the practice team and creating a culture where the team can thrive in their individual roles. She has recently completed a post graduate certificate Business Veterinary Management with the University of Liverpool.

South West - Gemma Sterry

South West Region

Suzanne Headington and Renay Rickard worked together in this area for some time. They held three very successful regional meetings, in March, June & October 2015. Their first meeting of 2016 was held on the 20th April which was well attended, and their second meeting was held on the 19th July which also incorporated a C&T Workshop. The third meeting of the year was held on the 12th October in Kilmington, with Mike Brooks of Debt Solve UK giving a presentation on Debt Prevention – Better than Cure.

2018 brought another packed schedule planned! They started at Kilmington on Tuesday 27th February 2018 where Ben Grey of GDPRPortal helped delegates demystify this new legislation ahead of it coming into effect in May 2018.

Next up in 2018 was Practice Performance and Culture s by the experts at VetLed on Wednesday 23rd May 2018, again in Kilmington. Another great session! Suzanne has now handed the reins over to her colleague at Hazlewoods, Gemma Sterry, who is excited to work with Renay to deliver an exciting range of meetings in 2019.

Register to join Gemma at her next meeting very soon!

Gemma Sterry | Regional Co-organiser

Gemma joined Hazlewoods in 2005 and qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 2009. Following a short break travelling in 2016, Gemma returned to Hazlewoods to work in our veterinary team in May 2017. Gemma has a wealth of accounts, bookkeeping and practical experience. In her spare time Gemma enjoys pottery, pilates and playing the ukulele!

Sussex & South-East - Liz Panter

Sussex & South-East Region

Sussex & South-East is a new region that will be hosting two Regional meetings in quick succession during spring 2018, and more thereafter!

Regional Roadshow 1 came to town (Worthing) on 25th April 2018 where Liz hosted 15 attendees at one of the seaside hotels to discuss GDPR. Regional Roadshow 2 – Practice Performance and Culture Roadshow 2 also came  to the seaside on 25th July 2018 where a smaller group were treated to a great session. Liz said “Fantastic talk yesterday in the South East. Content was excellent and refreshing to bring some new ideas to the table. Small turn out but actually made the session more interactive.”

Sussex and SE Region will be organising its 2019 season very soon, watch  www.events-by-vmg.co.uk to get signed up!

Liz Panter | Regional Organiser

Liz has been working in the veterinary industry since 1994. She trained as a riding instructor before embarking on a career as a veterinary nurse, qualifying in 1997.

Liz has worked in a number of practices in Cambridgeshire and West Sussex. In 2005 Liz joined Arun Veterinary Group and is now Practice Manager.  Liz is passionate about her job and has a wealth of experience in all areas of the veterinary industry. Liz is an excellent communicator and works hard to make sure both clients’ and team’s needs are met.

Liz adores her cats – Sox, Marmite, Squidward and Little Boy but she also has a very talented dog, Piper. She enjoys keeping fit, walking Piper and reading!

Wales North - Sarah Lewis & Neil Symonds

North Wales Region

North Wales is our newest region! We are delighted that Sarah Lewis and Neil Symonds have offered to co-organise this region and they look forward to bringing all of the Roadshows and some super networking opportunities to the Principality!

Sarah and Neil kicked off in March 2018 a tremendously well supported Regional Roadshow meeting regarding Credit Control and the new GDPR regulations. Sarah and Neil will host another meeting very soon!

Sarah Lewis | Regional Co-organiser

I work at Rhyd Broughton Veterinary Group as Practice Manager and have been here for 16 years. Outside of work I have two working cockers, Brenin & Max and one teenage boy who keeps me very busy! I enjoy cooking, gardening and travel when time away from work allows!

Wales South - Linda Mogford

South Wales Region

Linda has recently joined the team of Regional Organisers, taking over from long-standing Regional Organiser Melvyn Wilkins. Linda will be covering the South Wales region. She ran  her first successful regional meeting on Thursday 5th April 2018 where she hosted the GDPR and credit control regional roadshow in Cardiff.

Next up on Wednesday 30th May 2018 was Practice Performance and Culture PLUS Client Retention during Pet Loss by the experts at VetLed and Blue Cross. Following the well attended session Linda commented “Real good meeting , 11 plus myself people thoroughly engaged x
The two D’s were great 😁(Diane and Dan). And an agreement made to hold more meeting down West.Maybe we could try the same meeting Cardiff area for those who were put off by the travel time ??” Leave that with me Linda!!

Linda will announce her next South Wales regional meeting very soon so keep an eye on our ‘Regions’ page!

Linda Mogford-Evans | Regional Organiser

I was lucky enough to have been given the opportunity two years ago to become a Veterinary Practice Manager. I see my role as being part of a team that aims to give the best to our clients and their pets. I joined the VPMA as soon as I became aware of the work and support it provided, and I am thrilled to be taking a more active role now. The meetings I have attended have been a source of networking and having a time and place to discuss issues that are relevant and happening day to day in practice, and I would like to develop this sharing of experiences.

Home is Glynneath, with Waterfall Country and the Brecon Beacons on my doorstep, which lets me indulge in one of my favourite things, being outdoors in all weathers. 2016 particularly was a year of long distance and mountain walking, and I have achieved a number of challenges, one being in June the Welsh 3 Peaks in aid of Ty Hafan, a childrens hospice charity. When I am home I love to entertain and cook for my husband Neil, family and friends.

Here’s to 2018 and the new challenges it will bring, and the new friends I am about to meet!

West Midlands - Rebekka Fiorani

West Midlands Region

Rebekka is a VPMA Past President and ardent supporter of VMG! She took over West Midlands region from long-standing Regional Organiser Melvyn Wilkins and is enjoying hosting this well established region. Rebekka hosted a meeting on Tuesday 27th February 2018 in Bromsgrove where GDPR and cake featured heavily!

Second up in 2018 was Practice Performance and Culture PLUS Client Retention during Pet Loss by the experts at VetLed and Blue Cross, on Wednesday 27th June 2018. Also in Bromsgrove, this meeting took place right in the middle of the summer 2018 heatwave! Rebekka said “I really liked the VetLed presentation – I came away with loads of ideas , Very hot though ! ”

Rebekka will be getting behind the 2019 ‘VMG Days’ idea, and will announce a date for her region very soon!

Rebekka Fiorani | Regional Organiser

I am the Practice Manager and owner of the independently owned, Clent Hills Vet Group, based in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire. Having worked for the practice for 20 years, starting as a kennel assistant, I bought into the business in 2009. I have always been involved with the VPMA, the VMG’s predecessor, and was fortunate to be their President 2010 – 2012.

Yorkshire - Kate Mincher

Yorkshire Region

We were delighted to welcome Yorkshire to our ranks in 2017. The first meeting on the 16th March 2017 which was very well received in Yorkshire. Yorkshire is the second region organised by Kate Mincher and her first meeting took place on 26th March discussing GDPR, where the regulations became demystified and the homemade cake was a huge hit!

Next up in 2018 was Practice Performance and Culture by the experts at VetLed on Thursday 19th Jul 2018 in Rotherham, and Kate also hosted Client Retention during Pet Loss by Blue Cross PBSS alongside Caroline Pearson of Progressive Vet Consulting talking about Preparing for Recruitment in Rotherham on October 25th 2018 2-5pm. Yorkshire has had a busy year!

Kate Mincher | Regional Organiser

I have worked in Veterinary Practice since 1981, qualifying as a veterinary Nurse in 1984 & gained a lot of experience over the years from working in different companion animal practices around the country.

I became practice manager for Grove Veterinary Centre in the Peak District in 2007, during which time I became a member of the Vet Dynamics Platinum Practice group where I gained valuable management skills whilst enjoying sharing the challenges of managing a veterinary practice with other like-minded managers until Grove was sold to Medivet in December 2016. I was awarded the Vet Dynamics Practice Manager of the year 2014.

I was promoted to the Peak District, South & West Yorkshire Area Manager for Medivet in May 2017. I find this role very rewarding & challenging!

With my role as Reginal Organiser for VMG I hope to make a lot of new friends as well as providing a forum to learn and offer support to each other in the region.

At home I have a son, Jake who was born in 2000 and 3 Cats – Jack, Jill & Kitkit Cat