VMG Research Awards 2019

The Context

Business landscapes are changing and the veterinary world is no exception. A profession with a strong heritage now has to respond to an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world in order to continue meeting patient needs effectively, while remaining profitable.

The Opportunity

It has become clear that leaders in our profession have a critical role in not just overcoming, but embracing the challenges we face.  We feel that the VMG are uniquely placed to support not only our own members, but also the whole profession in building an evidence base for best practice in veterinary business, leadership and management.  Therefore, we are excited to announce our first call for proposals for VMG Research Awards.

The Solution

We invite applications of VMG Research Awards of up to £2,000 to support research aimed at advancing our understanding of contemporary veterinary business, leadership and management.

Stage 1 Applications now closed

Thank you – the application deadline has now closed. If you have any questions, please contact Dr Hannah Perrin, VMG Research.