Julie Beacham | Senior Vice-President 2019-20

Following a career in the medical world as a nurse and a Clinical Scientist, and a spell of maternity leave, I took a part-time reception role at a local veterinary practice in 1995. It was supposed to be short term, with a view to returning to ‘a proper job’ a year later. However, I was quickly hooked and over the years took on extra responsibilities until I became Practice Manager in 2009. My practice is Wendover Heights Veterinary Centre, a large independent mixed practice in Buckinghamshire.

My interest in practice management had led me to join the VPMA three years earlier and I soon began developing my skills by studying for the Certificate in Veterinary Practice Management which I gained in 2010. I subsequently joined VPMA Council as it was in those days, and the Certification & Training Committee as well as becoming a Regional Organiser. Those responsibilities are now behind me but I represent the VMG on the RCVS Mind Matters Initiative taskforce.

During my time with the VPMA, I have learned a great deal, made many friends and benefited from the support that the organisation offers. Now that we have rebranded to become the Veterinary Management Group, I am honoured to be its first President.