VMG sets out new three-year strategy to empower and equip veterinary leaders

This week we have published our latest Strategic Plan to progress towards our vision of “a happy and healthy veterinary world where all benefit from excellent leadership and management”. The plan sets out our operational focus for the next three years, together with the tangible outcomes we will prioritise for our members, as well as for the wider veterinary sector.

As the professional association for all those in leadership and management roles in the veterinary sector, we have three strategic priorities:

  • Learn: VMG will lead the way in developing 21st century leaders and managers through the creation of outstanding training and development. This includes a new suite of modular courses leading to a Certificate and Diploma in Veterinary Leadership and Management, together with a responsive and real-world CPD programme
  • Share: VMG commits to building on the existing robust support network in place for its members, including updating its regional volunteer network into a modern, relevant peer mentoring scheme, and developing our member benefits to ensure they offer real value to all those in leadership and management roles.
  • Grow: VMG will strengthen our position as the voice of veterinary business, leadership and management. The recent launch of the VMG Leadership Standards Framework for use in informing career development and training curricula contributes to this, as well as our on-going evidence-based initiatives, including the VMG Research Grant Scheme, which support the development of best practice. A new, group advisory board consisting of veterinary and outside sector experts, will ensure VMG members are kept informed of trends as they emerge.

Rich Casey, VMG President, commented: “Gone are the days of ‘do as I say’ leaders and deep hierarchies. 21st century leadership is about inclusion and flexibility – and never has this leadership been more vital for the sustainability of our sector than it is now as we enter the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Veterinary businesses across the UK are relying on the skills, knowledge and experience of their leaders and managers to guide them successfully through and into the new normal. But it’s important to remember that leaders are not super-human and living up to the expectations on them can be daunting.  We are here to provide support and guidance in good times and in harder times too.

“The VMG Board is inspired and energised by the challenges we have set ourselves through our Strategic Plan.  We hope our current members are equally excited and that many more will join us on the journey.”

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