About the CVPM

The Certificate in Veterinary Practice Management (CVPM)

The Certificate in Veterinary Practice Management is awarded to VMG members who can demonstrate their ability to effectively manage a veterinary practice. It is aimed at experienced managers with senior responsibility in their workplace; those who are newer to management or supervisory roles may prefer to take the Veterinary Practice Administration Certificate in the first instance.

The CVPM examination covers six core areas: general management, personnel, communication, finance, marketing, and strategy. To be eligible, members must be actively employed in a veterinary management and/or leadership role (a minimum of two years’ experience is recommended) and undertaking a range of duties (experience from outside the veterinary sector will also count). We suggest that a range of CPD is undertaken while preparing for the exam; particularly if your working role does not cover all areas of the syllabus.

The examination consists of four parts:

1. Written report

(submitted in advance)

2. Presentation and discussion

(topic provided four weeks in advance)

3. Fictional practice discussion

(practice details provided two weeks in advance)

4. Ten scenario questions

(“What would you do if….”)

Prospective candidates are advised to attend a free CVPM Preparation Workshop, held in several locations during Spring, in order to find out more and meet members of the Certification and Training Committee as well as fellow candidates. Information about workshops is available on the CPD Calendar.

2019 Timeline

  • March-May 2019

    CVPM Preparation Days

  • 1st August 2019

    Exam entry and written report deadline

  • 25th October 2019

    Presentation topic released

  • 8th November 2019

    Fictional practice details released

  • 22nd November 2019

    CVPM Exam Date

  • 29th November 2019

    Results announced

  • January 2020

    Awards at VMG Annual Congress

CVPM Documentation

CVPM Syllabus
CVPM Exam Guide
CVPM Reading List
CVPM Registration Form
Current CVPM Certificate Holders


Sally Courtney
Emma Hollingworth
Sarah Lewis
Mimi Machin
Gemma Taylor


Ellie Stock Bishop
Beverley Iren
Clare Norlander
Elizabeth Partridge


Leah Morley
Stacey Munday
Louise Reeve


Matthew Horobin
Louise Marshall


Philippa Davis
Georgina Hills
Lisa Martin
Shaun Plunkett


Victoria Musk


Lucy Bartlett
Lisa Marter
Louise O’Hara


Julie Beacham
Liz Howes
Helen Kington
Renay Rickard


Amanda Baggley
Lisa Cooper


Jennifer Crawford-Allen
Heidi Fudge
Alison Hoy
Susan Lunn
David Mulligan
Paula Nugent
Lorraine Weynberg


Helen Biggadike
David Button
Sharon Powell


Debby Drinkwater
Kathryn Nankervis
Kerry Scarlett


Cathy Coates
Lisa Coxon
Susan Hall
Pat Heseltine
Tina Hibell
Hilary Manning
Tracy Mayne
Anne Milburn
Angela Miller


Lynda Statham


Fred Bancroft
Ianthe Cox
Keith Fuller
Sarah Hibbert
Tessa Smith


Glynne Davies
Rita Dingwall
Pauline Graham
Susan Ross


Jan Dunn
Elizabeth Glover
Dawn Kent
Val Lackenby
Marion Leister
Katherine Thornton
Brian Wright


Jacqueline Garrett
Stephen Grills
Jennifer Tubb
Gloria Tyrer


Fiona Baxter
Ray Girotti
Sue Morrisey


Ian Kynoch
Lynn Roach
Georgina Stutchfield


Carole J Clarke
Nancy Fox
Susan M Kydd
Bob Moore
John Sheridan
Lynne Worwood